In today’s fast paced world, fatigue/low energy is a common problem. Though it’s not a disorder, it can be a symptom of an underlying medical issue. Low energy is a separate problem to sleepiness, it is often a side effect of experiencing poor sleep. At times, low energy can be a symptom brought on by another medical disorder that may require treatment.

Listed below are some causes for fatigue/low energy:
• Not enough sleep
• Irregular sleep habits
• Overwork – this can be either physical or mental
• Stress/burnout
• Irregular eating habits – such as skipping meals
• Inactivity or lack of physical exercise
• Drug or alcohol use

Identifying the root of the cause for low energy is critical to create improvement. Ping Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can help you get to the root cause of the situation. Call us for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss how Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture can help you.